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Flamingo Fitness - Get Fit Fast

 Personal Fitness Consulting & Training –
Specializing in working with seniors, golfers, and general conditioning for daily living.
MELT Method® Hand & Foot Instructor 
MELT Method® Level 1 Instructor


About Flamingo Fitness

We specialize in the prevention of golf-related injuries, 1-1 strength, flexibility, and balance for adults of all ages. With the main focus on seniors.


We offer a wide range of high-quality fitness training and activities to best meet your needs.


We can meet in locations that are convenient for you. In-home, outdoors, or at a gym facility. (Palmer Ranch & Sarasota)

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What is the MELT Method?

  The MELT Method® (MELT®) is a simple self-treatment designed to help you stay healthy, youthful, and active for a lifetime. Just 10 minutes of MELT three times a week is all you need to become a Hands-Off Bodyworker® and reduce the effects of accumulated tension and stress caused by daily living. This full-body method of self-care can be customized to your particular needs – from improving performance and decreasing the risk of repetitive stress injuries to eliminating chronic pain, regardless of what’s causing your pain in the first place.

How MELT Works

MELT employs the use of gentle tools for the goals of fascial tissue remodeling, pain relief, and performance improvement. The application and compression-quality of the specialized MELT balls and rollers have a unique feel and objective.

 MELT directly addresses your body in a way no other self-treatment can, including diet and exercise. You’ll see and feel results in the first session. The ultimate goal of MELT is to improve your body’s ability to restore balance and repair itself, which can create remarkable, lasting changes. MELT offers natural pain relief, allowing you to address the true cause of chronic pain, not just mask the symptoms.

The final aspect of MELT methodology incorporates before and after self-assessment protocols at each step that are key to developing self-empowerment and self-knowledge and may assist in scientific data collection and tracking.

Who Is MELT For?

MELT is for anyone who wants to slow down the aging process and live pain-free. For women and men over 40 who want to stay active, mobile, and independent – MELT is a must. MELT is also for active younger adults and athletes who want to maintain a healthy body and achieve optimal performance without debilitating wear and tear. Even children can benefit from MELT.

If you are injured, post-surgery, pregnant, overweight, sedentary, out of shape, or have limited mobility, chronic pain, knee or hip replacements, or bone disorders – you can still MELT. It’s the best starting point for any exercise and wellness program. People who MELT regularly find that they want to exercise more often. It’s just more fun to move when your body feels good.

How Can MELT Help You?

MELT is easy to learn and offers results the first time you try it. MELT can help you fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly, have more energy during the day, improve your posture, reduce stress and tension, shed excess body fat, and even reduce the appearance of cellulite. Best of all, your body will feel great long after you MELT! The results that MELT provides were previously available only through ongoing, costly hands-on therapies. Now you can be your own Hands-off Bodyworker®

“After working with numerous personal trainers in different parts of the country, I am happy to recommend my current personal trainer, Larry Feldstein. His prescribed regime tailored to my specific needs after triple bypass surgery. His continued monitoring of my progress with ongoing adjustments has provided me with the confidence and mobility to maintain my active lifestyle. I have been able to increase mobility and notice a definite improvement in my stamina and overall well-being in a fairly short time. Currently, the exercise routine is being monitored and evaluated to increase weight loss.” 

- Don "BOO" Epstein 

“Larry has been the official trainer for the Original Golf School at Mount Snow for about 15 years. Larry has done an outstanding job. He instructs our many students with general stretching exercises, as well as, giving one on one suggestions for students with specific questions. We have a golf school that caters to adults, many of whom are professional people who appreciate Larry's easy-to-follow steps to better physical conditioning.
Larry also helps our program with our junior Nike Golf School. We have two Nike Camps per year. Larry has been a high school physical education teacher and he has a great way of teaching the kids and maintaining order. He has been an asset at the Original Golf School at Mount Snow.”

- Jay Morelli, PGA, Director, the Original Golf School at Mount Snow

"Larry and I met in the early 1990s when we both taught in New York City. At that point, I developed an interest in running despite the fact that I had never even jogged for a bus. With Larry's help in planning workouts and his knowledge of conditioning, training, and of course, stretching. I started -- and finished -- races of varying distances from 5k to full marathons. As an individual who has now had multiple cervicals spinal surgery, I know that my continued participation in this activity would not be possible without Larry's guidance as a personal trainer."
"I am 71 years old. I ski over 100 days a year at snowbird, bike over 1800 miles, and swim laps. I have worked out with weights and have had Larry's expert supervision for many years. Larry's core, legs, and arms routine have kept me strong and capable to do the sports I love. His workouts are tuned to my abilities and he is careful to ensure that I do not get hurt. One bike trip last fall was to crater lake topping out at 7400 degrees elevation. Go, Larry!"

- Marv -

- Liz Wright

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